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RELAR provides the most accurate valuations for residential real estate on the market today.

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RELAR offers customized reporting tools that can be tailored by you to reflect property particulars.

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RELAR is integrated with specific tools to provide detection of fraud and questionable real estate practices.

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CDR Business Solutions, LLC
The Company Behind RELAR

CDR Business Solutions, LLC, was formed in April 2007 to develop and provide the Real Estate Liquidity Analysis Report product in response to the developing liquidity crisis in the United States residential mortgage market. CDR’s RELAR product is designed to provide accurate and timely estimates of the expected selling price for a residential property along with an estimate of the time required to sell the property based on the characteristics of the residential real estate market in a geographic area.

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What is RELAR?

The Real Estate Liquidity Analysis Report is designed to determine the likely selling price and the amount of time required to sell an individual piece of residential real estate.

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What's New in RELAR?

CDR Business Solutions continually develops our system to improve functionality and to take advantage of the latest technology in our goal to give our clients the best user experience.

  • Improved Results Page Format
  • Improved Recalculation Ability
  • See Report History Online
  • Continue Working with Previosly Processed Reports
  • New, Clearer RELAR Reports in PDF Format
  • GINA Technology (Location, Location, Location)
  • Change the Property Location
  • Cool New Mapping and Property Views
  • More Information / More Capability
  • What-if scenarios
  • Control Confidence

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