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Mission Statement

CDR Business Solutions, LLC was formed to answer the most important question facing the CMO/CDO professional:

"If I am forced to put this property on the market today, how long will it take to sell and how much will it sell for?"

To accomplish this, CDR is committed to using data, not opinion, for valuations. We gather data from multiple sources and combine it using sophisticated statistical analysis techniques, to predict the real liquidity of real property in the marketplace.

Company Profile

CDR Business Solutions, LLC, was formed in April 2007 to develop and provide the Real Estate Liquidity Analysis Report product in response to the developing liquidity crisis in the United States residential mortgage market. CDR’s RELAR product is designed to provide accurate and timely estimates of the expected selling price for a residential property along with an estimate of the time required to sell the property based on the characteristics of the residential real estate market in a geographic area. The RELAR product accomplished this using a variety of sophisticated statistical analysis techniques to predict the behavior of buyers and sellers in a local real estate market.

Partner Biographies

CDR’s senior management team has proven experience in mortgage banking, real estate management, real estate appraisal and computer networking technology.

Mr. McKnett was a founder of JNI Corporation. JNI was a winner of the Deloitte Touche Fast 50 Award, and was the 14th fastest growing company in the United States between 1996-2000. JNI’s revenues grew from $300K in 1996 to over $103M in 2000.

Mr. Sanchez has 20 years experience as a licensed insurance advisory professional and licensed building contractor owning & operating Dunsmore Building Service & David Sanchez Planning. He holds many professional designations and has years of training & experience in marketing insurance, financial and intellectual products as well as the commercial real estate industry.