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Technology of the Product

RELAR is implemented using Microsoft’s Internet Information Server as a web server and the Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 framework as the basis for RELAR programming. This technology provides the ability to use the product in most standard web browsers, including Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7, Netscape Navigator version 8 and higher, Mozilla Firefox version 2 and higher and Apple MacIntosh Safari running under all versions of OS/x. This provides the ability to run a basic RELAR query using over 99% of desktop computer systems currently in use.

RELAR uses a number of processes and analysis methods which were developed specifically and uniquely for the RELAR product. As a result, CDR Business Solutions is applying for a number of patents on specific analysis methodologies and technologies incorporated into the RELAR product.

It is important to note that the actual analysis code, and thus the intellectual property associated with it, runs only on the web servers controlled by CDR Business Solutions. This limits the exposure of both patented and proprietary analysis techniques and methodologies and helps prevent either intentional theft or inadvertent disclosure of RELAR’s technologies to unauthorized individuals.

The RELAR technology and algorithms have been developed by CDR Business Solutions based on mathematically verifiable statistical data analysis techniques. These techniques include the use of multiple databases, the ability to cross-correlate among the multiple data sources available and the use of sophisticated data correlation and linear regression analysis methodologies to estimate and project both the value and liquidity of real estate based on the existing market data.

The figure below shows the use of multiple databases to support the CDR proprietary statistical analysis methods and algorithms.

Database Concept

The next figure shows the overall software design of the RELAR analysis system.

RELAR system

This diagram shows that the majority of the processing is performed on back-end web and database servers. The only basic requirements for the client computer used by the customer are a modern web browser and internet access.

It should be noted that in order to use the software needed to format files for bulk upload and analysis, the customer must be running a recent Microsoft operating system (Windows XP SP2 or later) along with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program to contain the initial list of properties.