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Real Testimonials From Real People

Our success is measured by our client's success so we work hard to produce the best possible product for our client's success. Below are real testimonials from some of our clients. Read their success stories!

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Frank L. / IRR Residential 4/12/2011

"We have found RELAR to be one fof the most innovative AVM and data providers around. their coverage, tools, data display and analytics are constantly improving and expanding. They have tremendous ability to customize products and services to our needs, and for these reasons we rely on Relar for the metrics we need to gain the competitive advantage in the marketplace. "

Jim J. / James Johnson Consulting, LLC

"As a former Vice President of quality control for Freddie Mac and now running my own risk
management consulting practice, I have seen many attempts to find a substitution for a full appraisal.
There are many AVM products available in the market today, that all basically utilize the same data and
approach. It wasn’t until I met with the folks at Relar that I knew I came across something different.
Relar utilizes not only the title information (that everyone uses), but the MLS data base to obtain up to
date information on listings, sales, time on market and expired listings and something I had not seen
before, a Map Database to take location, view and topography into consideration. This approach gives
the user a current estimate of the sales price and time to sell a property, and the ability to obtain a
historical valuation of a property.

The Relar product can be used by the origination side of the business to verify current appraisals; the
servicing side to determine values on the servicing portfolio; the default servicing to determine the
liquidity of short sales and REO; and the repurchase side of the business to determine historical values
for possible repurchase demands."

C. Allen / Keller Williams Realty 2/28/2011

"Thank you for introducing us to the Relar reports. We have never been a big fan of AVM products in the past, due to the inaccuracy of values. With your report using MLS data in the cities we do business in, we feel it is as accurate as a CMA, and much more efficient with the results back in real time.

We recommend the Relar report to any real estate group or mortgage company looking for accurate house values"

Jay L. / National Creditors Connection, Inc.

"In researching AVM providers we found RELAR data and systems to be superior to all others we tested. Having MLS based data is invaluable in determining more consistent values for us and our valued clients. At NCCI we are in the face to face borrower contact world and must be the "eyes and ears" for our clients. With RELAR we can now also be the "brain" that adds a clearer picture as to the current reality of the collaterals true value."

Alex S. /Source Appraisal Management 8/23/10

"It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse the R.E.L.A.R. product from CDR Business Solutions, L.L.C. After careful comparision of many products, we found the R.E.L.A.R. AVM had superior quality and accuracy. We have not seen any other product that satisfies the flexibility and value of R.E.L.A.R.

I highly recommend the R.E.L.A.R. product and look forward to continously being able to provide these outstanding reports to my clients.