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What is Relar?

RELAR stands for Real Estate Liquidity Analysis Report. Relar answers the question on the lips of most Americans as they watched their home values plummet starting in late 2008. The question is not one of valuation, but one of liquidity in which the property owner can safely predict the amount of money that will be derived from the sale of their property. Relar gives real estate owners and investors a quick, clear and accurate vision of when and at what price their property will sell for.

Relar uses sophisticated mathematical methods to derive liquidity, and calculate the time it will take to reach that number. This is different than valuing a piece of property because it specifically focuses on price and time to reach that price. If you want to sell your home faster, you know what price will make that happen. The Relar Report, unlike other AVM models out there, has the ability to do evaluations on properties in the $800,000 to $5,000,000 range, mostly because of the ability to examine details and its flexibility.

The Price on Time Continuum

The Relar difference is that Appraisals and Broker Price Opinions are just opinions. They lack consistency and are not uniform. They offer no perspective on time to market and the coinciding price. They do not promote buyer or seller confidence and lack scoring ability.

Price on time continuum

RELAR Confidence Report

A RELAR report consists of a price prediction, a price range prediction, a time to sell prediction, and a time to sell range prediction. While many users focus on the price prediction number, the RELAR confidence score predicts both price and time to sell and expected ranges for both numbers.

As the price and sales time of each property is adjusted to match the subject, the price and time to sell of each property become, not numbers, but regions of probability. The size of each region depends on how well we know the physical and geographical characteristics of both the subject and the comp. Some of the factors which affect the adjustment are:

  • Gross Living Area
  • Bedroom/Bathroom/Room/Garage/Fireplace Count
  • Land or site area
  • Year built
  • Local Street Density/Local rooftop to rooftop distance
  • Distance to geographic features, including water, parkland, major streets, freeways, commercial development, airports, hospitals, etc.

In order to adjust the price of each property, relative importance must be placed on each factor and its relationship to the others as well as the relative importance of each factor in the price of houses in the local market. Although these can be inferred from the data itself, the process is not exact, and the result must be dealt with from a probability stand point.

The table below represents the low, medium & high confidence translations.

0-50 Unreliable We provide the report no charge and deem the report un-reliable
50-65 Low Confidence  
65-80 Medium Confidence  
80-100 High Confidence  

Relevant sales prices are used for the calculations. Relar shows whether the comps are foreclosures, or short sales; the distance to the subject; how many days on market and the date that it went on the market.

Indepth Look of Confidence Report